Le festival du film fantastique de france
Best Feature Screenplay
Le Festival du Film Fantastique de France

Le Festival du Film Fantastique de France

About Hel /
HEL, THE LAST SAGA finally won the best feature screenplay award at Le Festival du Film Fantastique de France on October 17th! What a pleasure to physically attend the festival for two of the French members of the Rapsodies team. During the festival, there was a screening of shorts in competition and Julie Rohart 's film  “Loup y es-tu?” (Wolf are you there?) stood out as a very good short, but Kevin Meffre's performance in “Jusqu’où” (How far) was particularly remarkable. The best final twist was awarded to the comedy “Monopol” by Brice Lava. “Lorelei” by Lars Janssen also showed real potential.

  ‘Hel – the Last Saga’ is a fast-paced historical fantasy TV series that combines the action of ‘The Last Kingdom’, with the fantasy imagination of a ‘Witcher’ and the mystery of ‘Lost’. When Viking chief Alvar is shipwrecked on a mysterious island in search of his explorer King, he and his warrior people discover a world that contains all the elements of their ancient Norse religion and worse! There is something in this ancient land, a force that predates the Nordic and Christian religions, watching over them from the mist.