Los angeles film award best drama screenplay and screenplay of the month
Los Angeles Film Award Best Drama Screenplay and Screenplay of the Month

Los Angeles Film Award Best Drama Screenplay and Screenplay of the Month

About Rails Run Parallel /
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Hi, my name is Carole Starcevic and I am the co-founder of the screenwriting startup, RAPSODIES, based in France. What a pleasure and honor to have won not one, but two awards at the Los Angeles Film Awards for our script Rails Run Parallel! On the very long road from idea to feature, this kind of recognition is essential to keep the flame of creativity alive, especially when working in a team.
The Rapsodies team is composed of American, French, English and Dutch screenwriters. What makes our team unique is that we have been able to unite cultures, origins, backgrounds together in order to create innovative and multicultural stories.
About Rails Run Parallel
Logline: 1943 - Four prisoners escape from a prisoner-of-war camp in Poland and undertake a grueling trip to France via Germany in an empty wine barrel wagon, while being chased by a Nazi Sherlock Holmes.
Rails Run Parallel is a drama/war feature screenplay based on the true story of Louis Seguela, maternal cousin of one of the screenwriters of Rapsodies.
In 1943, prisoner of war Louis Seguela receives a letter from home: his fiancée is seriously ill. He boldly escapes from the Nazi camp in Bartenstein, Poland, not expecting the Germans to launch a manhunt across a war-torn Europe. The manhunt is led by Standartenführer Franz Meyer the man Reichsführer Himmler himself calls the Reich’s Bloodhound.
Louis and his fellow escapees his friend Léon, the wounded Henri and André, the unstable gypsy giant must endure a claustrophobic and suffocating ten-day train journey with little food and water before reaching unoccupied French territory again. They are ingeniously hidden in a cramped wine barrel wagon of a freight train, with no wine but filled with fumes.