Mail from sergio barbasso, festival director of the vegas movie awards
About our screenplay MIND OUT OF TIME selected as Best Feature screenplay - Award of Excellence
Mail from Sergio Barbasso, Festival Director of the Vegas Movie Awards

Mail from Sergio Barbasso, Festival Director of the Vegas Movie Awards

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What a nice letter of praise received by the festival director Sergio Barbasso of the Vegas Movie Awards Festival. We are very proud that the Rapsodies team is being highlighted in this way. It is very motivating to see our work recognized and valued. Thank you Sergio, thank you Vegas!

Dear Carole,

I’m Sergio, Festival Director here at VMA. I wanted to contact you earlier, but we got literally buried by requests and messages right after the announcement of winners, and we are doing our best to reach out to each of you with our hearts open like we always do.

It definitely takes more time but I strongly believe this is what every Film Festival should do for its filmmakers. Always.

We can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing work of art with us. Congratulations to the whole team at Rapsodies. Not only for the recognition you received from our judges and our Team but for being successful at expressing and sharing true emotions through your screenwriting. 

I want to also thank you from the bottom of my heart for the heartfelt review you left on FilmFreeway a few days ago. It’s the best reward for my whole Team of professionals and film enthusiasts after all the hard work.

I’d love to be able to talk to each of the filmmakers we welcome and help at VMA, but to have created a Festival that aims at the well-being of the filmmaker rather than just giving prizes means investing all my time 24/7 to oversee a tireless Team in all departments, create new opportunities, and brewing coffee all the time to try to stay awake and give the best filmmakers what they deserve.

That being said, when I can, I like to personally thank those filmmakers who impressed me the most and those who took the time to leave honest reviews on FilmFreeway or

So, thanks again for being part of our filmmaking Family, Carole.

Congratulations once again on your wins, and thanks for making Indie Cinema a better place with your important contribution.

All my very best,

Sergio Berbasso
Festival Director
Vegas Movie Awards