The first eternal best screenplay at top shorts!
The First Eternal Best Screenplay at Top Shorts!

The First Eternal Best Screenplay at Top Shorts!

About The First Eternal /
It is with immense pleasure that we announce "The First Eternal" has triumphed at Top Shorts, the world's largest online film festival, recently esteemed as the 8th best among 4,000 festivals. This prestigious event has crowned our project with two coveted awards, Best Screenplay and Best Science Fiction Screenplay, setting a high benchmark for our competition.

"The First Eternal" not only clinched the award for Best Short Screenplay in the Sci-Fi genre, but it also triumphed universally by bagging the prestigious title of Best Screenplay across all genres! An extraordinary feat indeed!

"The First Eternal" is currently in the dynamic phase of pre-production under the expert guidance of a French director. Intended as a powerful stand-alone short, this project also possesses the potential to serve as a pilot for a science fiction series, brilliantly weaving in highly relevant and topical themes.