About Us

 We are a multicultural team

Rapsodies is a start-up that specializes in writing high-concept scripts for feature films and TV Series.

Rapsodies is based in France, but our multicultural team draws on the talents of American, English, French and Dutch writers.

Our scripts are homogeneous because our teams are stable and always managed by the same, skilled lead writer. The lead screenwriter is chosen from the three most experienced writers at Rapsodies, and the rest of the team is assembled to meet the specific requirements of each project and genre.

Our professional screenwriters have individually written 40 feature film scripts, 10 TV series scripts, 10 animations and 20 short films that are in production or that have already been produced successfully. Our skilled team members have also written plays, musicals, radio shows and audio stories. Hand-picked, they have won prizes in some 30 screenplay competitions.

Scientific concepts
Several team members are high-level scientists (engineers, PhDs) who contribute their technical know-how to ensure the scientific accuracy and realism of various sophisticated concepts developed by Rapsodies.

Gaming world
Some team members come from the gaming world and have intimate knowledge of the genre. Rapsodies is associated with Mythic Games, a company that has had a series of successes in the USA and Europe with games such as Salomon Kane, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, Hel: The Last Saga and Darkest Dungeon. Several Rapsodies feature film and TV scripts are based on adaptations of these games.